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1、Using 6-20kV or more high-voltage electricity to directly heat up the boiler water, the boiler water turns into resistance heat.

2、Key technology: high power boiler capacity (calorific) control, to ensure high voltage and high temperature water vapor safety isolation, ensure the stable operation of the heat storage system.


1、With multiple protection such as over temperature, overpressure, overcurrent, open circuit and water cut, it can be unattended.

2、The furnace adopts reliable anticorrosive treatment technology to provide high quality hot water (steam).

3、The operation is automatic and the operation is simple.

4、No pollution, no noise, low investment, clean and sanitary, easy to install.



1、The modular unit sets the boiler box, control system, soft water system, pump valve and other accessories and software into a module in the factory.

2、Professional engineer design, factory production, on-site installation work is less, the quality of the unit is guaranteed;

3、The valley is used to cut the peak and fill the valley.

4、The working hours can be set arbitrarily according to the heating time requirement.


1、The whole day heating and heating system is realized by heat storage at night.

2、Users can set temperature according to demand, intelligent temperature control and stable effluent.

3、Use the hardcover flow design and control mode to set the economic temperature in different periods according to the needs of users.

4、The factory is equipped with less workload and reliable quality.


1、It is suitable for families and small buildings.

2、It is suitable for voltage 220V, 380V.

3、Operating at normal pressure, rated working temperature 55℃.

4、Built in water pump, lift 8~15m.


1、Eliminate multiple heating, no cold and hot water mixing, low use cost.

2、Stainless steel inner bladder to ensure clean and hygienic quality of water.

3、Thickening insulation layer can effectively reduce heat loss and high heat storage efficiency.

4、Integrated design, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, easy to operate, no need for inspection.



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