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40 Degrees? I'm Hotter Here!

Well, the outdoor temperature of 40 C is so hot today. Sunlight penetrates the Milky Way and people on Earth can't stand it. But my heat is much higher than this! Atmospheric pressure of me, 90 C pressure of me, 130 C I have a resounding name: "Huayuan front heat storage tank". 
Talk about my strengths 
01 Turn off Beauty, Shield Filter, All Plain Face, Face Fighting. The chassis is stable and can withstand the wind and snow pressure without fear of severe cold and heat.

(Standing at the westernmost of the motherland, the group of atmospheric and pressurized regenerative tanks for electrode boilers in the southern area of Yidong Industrial Park, Xinjiang)
Regenerative tanks are designed in strict accordance with the relevant container specifications. Radiographic inspection of the pressure welds fully considers the regional particularity of the project, including basic wind pressure in the open area, seismic load, thermal insulation measures for tanks in extreme weather, etc.
02 Small capacity, high energy, take you to understand the regenerative tank "different" 
3000 cubic meters can supply nearly 300,000 square meters of heat. Huayuan patented water distribution technology is used internally to make the best use of the temperature difference of water storage and restrain the mixing of cold and hot water to obtain the optimal volume efficiency of energy storage; fine system design, natural stratification of water supply and return; full energy saving, heat storage and release are guaranteed by using large temperature difference, frequency conversion and small flow rate; and internal flow of water storage tank is controlled by using water distributor settings to keep water. The thickness of cold and hot water intersection layer is the smallest.
03 My Heavy "Gold Partner" - 10,000 Volt High Voltage Electrode Boiler
The "Golden Partner" that provides the power of source and regeneration for me is the high-power electrode boiler in the boiler room not far away. It is the superior product of Huayuan Front-line fully independent intellectual property rights. It has been devoted to the research and development of nuclear power for ten years, and has been highly praised by more than 40 users since it was put into the civilian market for three years.
(Xinjiang Yidong Electrode Boiler) 
More details about me, please come to Huayuan Front Line and listen to my story collection!


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