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Sticking to the Smile in Welding Flower in Ordinary

There is no tall office environment, not to mention the world-shaking, ghost-crying deeds. He is an ordinary welder, often wearing welding clothes, portable electrode barrels appear in various work sites. He is so extraordinary, a welding torch in his hand is like a magic brush Ma Liang's brush, writing belongs to his "seamless life". He is one of many welders in Huayuan Front Line Company, Wang Yong.

As a post-80s generation, choosing a welder was a hard and arduous job. At that time, the family was not optimistic about it. However, because of their love for welding work, it was difficult for them to go on the road they chose. In 2012, Wang Yong was employed by Hangzhou Huayuan Front-line Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. When facing the high standard and strict requirements of special equipment, he felt that his ability was not enough to cope with the job, so he made a secret determination to become an excellent welder. In order to achieve this goal, only the high school culture of him, more efforts than others, others take a lunch break, he practices, others work overtime, eyes irritated, skin burned, for Wang Yong is a commonplace. The diligent pursuit of welder's skills has pushed him forward on the road of technological upgrading. At last, Emperor Tian did not give up his pains. He became the leader of many welders in the company. In the annual technical competition of welders, he won the first place in plate welding for three consecutive years, and in August 2017 he obtained a senior welder's certificate.
His technical level has been improved. The company proposed that he be a counselor in the factory and train a group of new employees to improve the welding level. Without saying anything, he immediately led the "apprentices" to use their time after work to share the knowledge and technology they have mastered for many years without reservation. After more than two months of study, the technical level of the "apprentices" has been greatly improved, and after that, the welders have also achieved good results in technical competition with Wuzhong.
In daily work, Wang Yongai ponders and thinks about things. Faced with various problems in the production process, he likes to use his own ideas to find solutions. The company has introduced a new membrane wall production line, but the work efficiency has always failed to achieve the desired results, and there are many welding slag spatters. After Wang Yong took over the production line, through continuous debugging of welding current and voltage, joining and adjusting welding methods, after a period of exploration, not only accelerated the welding speed, but also greatly reduced the welding slag spatter, the work efficiency of the whole production line has been greatly improved.
Huayuan Front Line Company is precisely because of craftsmen like Wang Yong, who persevere in ordinary posts and blossom the most beautiful smile in welding flowers, in order to make "Front Line Intelligent Manufacturing" continue to create new brilliance.

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