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New Benchmark Of Electrode Boiler

Winter and summer exchanges, trust remains unchanged;
The first time I walked into your heart was last July.
Once again, it's July of today.
I am still your firm choice;
Trust has never changed.

(Zone Effect Map, Heating Area Of About 1 Million Square Meters)
In July 2018, Hangzhou Huayuan Front signed a contract with Linze Run Jinyuan, Zhangye, Gansu Province. That year, when winter came, the neat boiler room and the stable operation of the electrode boiler heat storage system brought warmth to the residents in the northwest of Hexi Corridor, which became a model textbook project of clean heating project. Excellent report forms have laid a good foundation for Huayuan Electrode Boiler to develop Gansu market in an all-round way. In July this year, Hangzhou Huayuan Front successfully labeled the first batch of clean heating bidding projects in Gansu Province in 2019 - 2*40MW electrode boiler heating project in Zhangye Oasis Modern Logistics Park.
(Regenerative Pole Boiler Room In Jinyuan District Of Zhangye Run)
Real heavyweight products! The rated heating capacity is 40MW, which is equivalent to the boiler power of about 55 tons/hour, and the 10,000 volts voltage is input directly. The fully independent intellectual property rights of the electrode boiler will become another benchmark project in Huayuan frontier and even in China. 
Huayuan Electrode Boiler, Tree National Brand, Cast Big Country Craftsmen, Don't give up!

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