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10,000 Volts Multi-Function Electric "Pot"

Steam medicine, I 360 days a year, winter, I heating every day, low valley electricity, I can store heat at night, steam, hot water, all kinds of supply, 10,000 volts of high voltage, I laugh directly. Who am I?
Heilongjiang Tianlong Pharmaceutical Group is a well-known pharmaceutical enterprise in China. It has six subsidiaries. It produces a large number of medicines closely related to people's life and health every day. In 2018, the original coal-fired boiler room was transformed into a clean heating system, using Huayuan Front-Line Electrode Boiler. Since its completion and commissioning, it not only meets the normal production steam and heating needs of the plant area, but also uses the low-trough electricity time in the evening for heat storage. This electrode boiler is truly a multi-functional "pot". Multi-mode automatic switching has been running steadily for more than 300 days. The operation cost is much lower than that of central heating. The owner's thumbs up, this transformation: it's worth it.

Coal-fired boiler before transformation

Transformed Electrode Boiler (Clean and Clean)
The arrangement is compact and reasonable: it includes a large number of family members such as regenerative tank, high-pressure electrode boiler, water pump, plate replacement, valve, electric cabinet, control cabinet and so on, but it only lives in 160 square meters of "Big Three Room", which is less than half of the area of the adjacent coal-fired boiler room.

(Big three room interior view corner: regenerative tank, water pump plus electric control)
Fashion high-tech I can access the Internet, remote connection to the Internet of Things, support mobile app, wake up the screen, you can see me for the first time! More details, welcome to Huayuan Front Electrode Boiler Room on-site inspection. This summer, I'm not heating, but I guarantee that the factory produces steam. As a heating system integrator, Huayuan Front Line customizes various multi-functional heating "pots" for customers.

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