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Cool in the heat and heat of the trade Union

On July 23, the weather was clear, the temperature was 37 degrees and the outdoor temperature was over 40 degrees. The trade union of Hangzhou Huayuan Front-line Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. organized the first stop of the activity "Bringing Cool in Summer" to the auxiliary boiler room of Shaoxing Jiangbin Power Plant.
Three groups of welders are assembling 75 tons auxiliary boilers outdoors in Shaoxing Power Plant. Large-tonnage projects must be assembled on site and constructed under high temperature and heat. It is a severe test for the safety of front-line workers and the quality of products. Zhang Jianmin, chairman of Huayuan Front Trade Union, was informed of the situation and immediately arranged trade union members to buy towels, wind oil essence, heat-proof drinks and other consolation items in line with the purpose of "caring for employees and putting people first". Production manager and trade union member Shan Yongping took condolences and rushed to the site as soon as possible. On behalf of the company's trade union, he expressed condolences to the three groups of welding staff and project personnel who struggled under high temperature.

(Shan Yongping (first right) consoles front-line employees)
At the same time, Shan Yongping also inspected the progress of the project and got a detailed understanding of the working status of the workers.

(Shan Yongping goes deep into the front line)
Through his vision, we can feel the sweat of welding elves in the drum.
From his perspective, we can see that project implementation is steadily advancing:

(in assembly of convection tube bundles)
He affirmed everyone's hard work in the heat of war, and put forward specific requirements for strictly checking the quality of the project: strict implementation of the assembly process in accordance with the requirements of drawings and process discipline; strict implementation of operating procedures; and accumulation of valuable experience for the follow-up production of similar projects. Encourage everyone to carry forward the spirit of artisans in the front line, create high quality and successfully complete project tasks on the premise of ensuring safe production.

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