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Semi-Annual Work Analysis Conference

In July 2019, the sun was hot and the sun was shining overnight. Hangzhou Huayuan Front-line Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. arranged two weekends to hold a half-year marketing and other work analysis conference.
On July 19, Huayuan Front Line Company held a marketing conference in Hangzhou Headquarters in mid-2019. Xu Guofu, General Manager, Vice General Manager Liang Renquan, Marketing Center Manager Sun Tianjin, Office Managers and Sales Personnel attended the meeting.

Sun Tianjin summarized the sales work, technical support work and daily management work in the first half of the year, emphasized the focus and tasks of the second half of the year, and analyzed the key projects.
At the meeting, Wu Jianqiang, deputy manager of the marketing center, and Hu Pinlai, regional manager, separately disassembled various marketing schemes of "coal to electricity" market in detail to further clarify the key work of business ports. New employees are also invited to come on stage to talk about their experience after joining the company and their future career plans.
On July 26, Huayuan Front Line Company held its mid-year work analysis meeting in Tangqi production base in 2019. Jiang Wenwen, chairman of the company, Xu Guofu, Secretary of the Party branch, general manager and middle-level party members and cadres of all departments participated in the meeting. Wang Zhonghong, deputy general manager and general engineer, presided over the meeting.
The first item of the meeting was discussed objectively and comprehensively by the heads of Engineering center, quality control department, after-sales service department and procurement department on the quality of products in the first half of the year and the problems in project implementation.
The second item of the meeting was an analysis of Xu Guofu's half-year work. He pointed out that in the first half of the year, all departments focused on the management of marketing information, developed new marketing forces, and transformed the company's influence into actual contract amount; introduced high-end talents through multiple channels to meet the needs of enterprise development; and the project execution center adopted new management software to enhance project management means. Enhance the ability of enterprises to perform contracts. In the second half of the year, the focus of the work still needs to adhere to the decomposition of tasks layer by layer, the implementation of responsibilities to people, to achieve stable and healthy development of the company.
Jiang Wenwen made an important speech at the meeting. Huayuan Front is facing a critical moment of transformation and upgrading. The stock structure of enterprises has changed, and there has been a certain collision in the concept of production and management. We should continue to do a good job in information transmission, communication and integration, give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises, and make enterprises bigger and stronger.
Finally, Xu Guofu led Party members and cadres to learn the spirit of the First Party Congress of the Group Stock Company. He demanded that all Party members and cadres consciously integrate their thoughts and actions into the spirit of the Party Congress, overcome difficulties, strengthen their confidence, strive for the accomplishment of the company's annual task objectives, and contribute to the transformation and development of the company.

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