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Trade Union Condolences To Frontline Companies

On August 1st, Zhang Huayu, chairman of Tangqi Trade Union in Yuhang District, led the trade union and the security office to Hangzhou Huayuan Front Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. to carry out the summer "send cool" consolation activities in 2019, bringing silk cool to front-line employees who are in the heat of war, and sending the love and warmth of the Party, the government and trade union organizations. Warm. Zhang Jianmin, chairman of the trade union of Huayuan Front Company, led the trade union members to participate in the event.

The condolence group went deep into the production line, understood the workers'production and life, dietary hygiene and labor protection in detail, and urged everyone to pay attention to physical health and labor safety while working. On behalf of the employees of the company, Zhang Jianmin thanked the superior general trade union for their condolences and reported on the work of temperature prevention and heat reduction organized by the company's trade union. First, according to the principle of "grasping both ends and resting in the middle", he adjusted the working time and controlled the outdoor working time and labor intensity. Second, the company boiled mung bean soup and ice stick to the front-line team every day, and allocated them specially. Refrigerators ensure that employees can enjoy all kinds of heat dissipation supplies prepared by the trade union, and spare anti-heatstroke drugs in the office. We strive to create a safe, healthy and cool working environment for employees from all aspects, so as to ensure that everyone can spend the hot summer.
This activity harvested the sincere praise and love of Huayuan front-line staff. Everyone expressed that they would not fail the leadership's care, do their work well, and ensure the safety of production of the company.

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