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Celebrating The Successful End Of Welder Competition

On August 2, the 2009 Ankang Cup Welder Skills Competition in Huayuan Front Line officially came to an end. Six excellent welders won the first prize in professional projects. They are flat butt SMAW: Wang Yong, tube-plate corner SMAW: Feng Songhua, tube butt GTAW: Cheng Haijiang, plate butt GMAW: Chen Huabin, Chen Huabin. Flat plate butt SAW: Wang Ping, membrane wall panel SAW: Chen Yongming.

(Has won each present three outstanding welders group photo)
The competition was organized by the Party branch of Hangzhou Huayuan Front-line Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. and the trade union of the company. A total of 33 front-line welders actively signed up for the competition. The Huayuan Front Line is specially composed of Zhang Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and chairman of the trade union, as the group leader, welding engineer, inspection engineer, flaw detection engineer and representatives of the Ministry of Production. The results of the comprehensive theoretical knowledge examination and practical operation of the competition will be numbered after the participants are disrupted, and each award will be generated by the collective evaluation committee.

(In practice, welding flowers fly and strive for excellence)

(In theoretical answers, be careful and never slack)
This competition is strongly supported by the superior trade unions, which has built a learning platform for the welders in the production line, deepened the communication and exchanges among the welders'colleagues in various teams and groups, and effectively enhanced the welders' practical ability. We hope that the welders'colleagues in the competition will not be arrogant or discouraged, and make further efforts to promote the level of technology in the front line of Huayuan to a new stage. Order.

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