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1、Vertical water pipe structure, small footprint, small water capacity, high safety, fast steam, easy to maintain.

2、Integrated design, built-in heat recovery device, make full use of the flue gas temperature of the furnace tail to enhance the thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature at around 120 ℃.

3、Built-in dust removal device, no pollution, no black smoke.

4、It has automatic ignition device, one button operation mode and open type dust removal mode.



1、A variety of internationally recognized modern clean combustion technologies, such as biomass layer combustion, suspension combustion, gasification and high temperature cracking, are integrated, which can be used in type I areas.

2、The fuel effect is also greatly improved. It has wide adaptability and economy, and has a good market prospect.

3、Perfect supply chain, sound quality system, strong technical force and scientific management mode.


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